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Created by Devesh in General 26 May 2023

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Exam Preparation Tips

Exams are the most stressful time in our life. We are still determining how the upcoming exam will decide our career path, so we try hard to do well with these toppers' study hacks. If you're among the students who would like great exam tips for preparation, then this article is just for you.

Prioritize Studies:-

It is crucial to determine the priorities. You must devote more time to studying than other activities and allow yourself enough time to identify the areas that must be checked and the ones in which you excel. Focus more on your areas of weakness and increase your practice to do better in tests. 

Make flowcharts and diagrams:- 

The finest study hack for Exams anybody can provide is summarising things using flowcharts, which can help you comprehend ideas more clearly. Practising more diagrams can improve your grades and understanding of how things function.

Study Early in the Morning:- 

Our brains function most effectively and efficiently in the morning. Early morning study helps students learn and comprehend topics more effectively, especially in practical disciplines. This study Hack will improve distance learning for 9th-12th grade marks if you complete the learning portion in the morning and the revision portion in the evening. 

Organize your study place:-

A key component of learning and avoiding distractions is your study environment. Studying in an environment free of distractions will help you concentrate better. Before beginning your studies, make sure you have everything you need. Organizing enables you to avoid distractions and focus more on your studies than other things; it's one of the study hacks used by top students to keep them from engaging in activities that would keep them from studying. 

Take breaks:- 

You should take a 5- to 10-minute break every 25 minutes to recharge your brain before continuing to study, as doing so continuously will make it tedious and exhausting. However, avoid using social media as it increases distractions and makes learning more difficult. The best study hack anyone can provide is to avoid using social media around exam time.

Focus on understanding:

Don't just memorize Your concepts. Try to understand the Book statements and how they relate to each other. Understanding the pictures will help you to answer exam questions more effectively.

Practice Past year Exam Papers:-

Practice last year's test to understand the questions that could be asked in examinations. Suppose you're among the students who would like to understand the format of exam papers better. And perhaps queries do recur. Practising Past Year Papers can be beneficial for forthcoming tests. Exams will occur to you, especially for practical themes or disciplines. You'll probably grasp the practical aspects of your studies if you practice more prior year papers. Since practical solutions receive more points than theoretical subjects, this will result in higher marks.

Solve your Queries:- 

It is suggested that you know about concepts. Write down all your questions and divide them into sections for different themes and topics so you understand why you need clarification while looking for solutions. The more you clear up your misunderstanding and subjects where you are falling behind, the better you will do in tests. Ask your lecturers or use online video lectures to explain your worries.

Explain topics to yourself:- 

The topics may best be understood and reviewed in this manner. Although it may seem strange, doing this helps a lot. You can even use a toy or anything else and pretend it is trying to comprehend the idea.


To prevent forgetting what you have learned in the past, revise frequently. Additionally, take a revision exam to assess your progress and make adjustments if necessary. Revision is the finest study hack top students use to prepare for exams. You only need to review for 20 minutes to be ready.

Give the revision process more time than the learning process. You will ultimately learn if you grasp the concept and constantly review it.


In conclusion, preparing well and using these effective study hacks is significant if you want to get good exam grades. You can learn a lot from the above toppers' study hacks, which provide valuable insights into how to study efficiently and effectively. Moreover, reading exam tips can help students avoid common mistakes and perform better on exam day. Some study hacks for exams include taking regular breaks, staying organized, practising past papers, and seeking help when needed. Remember that each student has a unique learning style, so it is essential to experiment and find what works best for online classes for high schoolers.

Good luck with your exams!

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