About EducatorRoom LMS

EducatorRoom is an online course marketplace with a pile of
features that helps you to run your online education business easily.
This platform helps instructors and students get in touch together and
share knowledge.

Teachers will be able to
create unlimited video courses, live classes, text courses, projects,
quizzes, files, etc and students will be able to use the educational
material and increase their skill level.

is based on real business needs, cultural differences, advanced user
researches so it covers your business requirements efficiently.

WHY CHOOSE EducatorRoom?

- Comprehensive solution for online education businesses
- Based on real business needs
- Instructor's & Organization's Personal Dashboard
- Multiple content types (Video courses, Live classes, text courses)
- Youtube, Vimeo, and AWS integration
- Course Completion Certificate
- Online 1 to 1 meetings support
- Single & multiple instructors
- Organizational education system
- Multiple payment gateways
- Fully responsive
- Tutor Finder
- Refer & Earn